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  Turbomachine – basic concepts 2021
  Essential equations of turbomachines 2019
  Energy balances of turbomachines 2018
  Relation between shaft work and internal work of turbomachine stage 2018
  Shapes of parts and materials of turbomachines 2018
  Fundamentals of aerodynamic of blade profiles and blade rows 2019
  Losses in turbomachines 2018
  Similarities of turbomachines 2019
  Design of axials turbomachine stages 2019
  Design of radials and diagonals turbomachine stages 2019
  Water turbines and rotodynamic pumps 2018
  Wind turbines and fans 2019
  Heat turbines and turbocompressors 2020
  Materials and theory of machine parts of turbomachines 2020
  Steam turbine in technological unit 2020
  Turbocompressor in technological unit 2020
  Gas turbine in technological unit 2020
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